domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

First English Meeting

Our first meeting with a english native, took place last thursday, in Oval's cafetería.  There, we met Simon, who is from Bournemouth in south of England.
        We spent two hours talking to him about several subjets. His village Bournemouth, and his country England. Also, we talked about Wales, where he has been studying for the last three years at the university of Swansea.

Really interesting was to know the relation between different countries from the islands  as Wales, Scotland, England... and between their inhabitants. 

We learnt more about their political system, their History, and the influence of it in the present of each country.

We discovered that English food is more than fish and chips. And, he told us his impression about Spanish food. 

And also, that Scotland University is free, if you are Scottish or foreigner, however you have to pay for it if you are from England or Wales.

About Scotland we also learnt that they have to different currencies. The first one is the English pound, you can use it anywhere in the UK. The second is the Scottish pound, issue by some Scottish Banks, and with the same value than the English money. It can be used to pay anywhere in the UK, but you can find problems to use it, cause some people refuse to accept it in England or Scotland.

 As Simon is a rugby player and referee, and a football supporter, we talked about sports in Britain, France and Spain.

 To sum up, we spent a great evening, talking in English, and we are glad to have known Simon, who was really nice and patient with our pronunciation.

 Here you have a photo we took when we finished. Sorry for the ones who had to leave in advance, so they are not in the photo.


Next week, we are going to have a meeting with a french speaker, and we are sure it will be a great chance to practise your french.  

 You know some the activities of 5 Villas Multilingüe are openned to everybody, but others as this meeting are reserved for the associated people. So don't loose time and associate us


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