jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Talking about jobs

Tortoise versus hare at work

(Warner Bros)
(Warner Bros)
 ... Is it possible that the tortoise could still win today? And what of the hare — so quick but impulsive and unschooled, calling to mind the ‘all-nighter’ young executives at the helm of companies today? How important is experience, and even age, to successful leadership in an era where speed has become a business goal in and of itself? The answers may surprise you.
 ... Experience may not bring speed, but it does bring a greater ability to reflect and put into perspective what is happening around you.  ...
The best jobs for smart, but lazy people
Relax lazy bones. It might be time to embrace your inner underachiever.
In a world where work-related stress has rocketed could the most intelligent option be simply to find the least-taxing, most lucrative job on offer? Could the smartest choice for a future career be the path that requires the least amount of effort?   ...
Get a job now

Getting a job these days is anything but easy for many people. Interviews are laden with increasingly strange requirements (double date with the would-be boss, anyone?)— or sometimes take months without a positive result.

So, what, exactly must jobseeker do to land a position?


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