martes, 26 de agosto de 2014


Yesterday we talked about Hobbies. we told other people about our own hobbies, and why we make them, why we find them so exciting, interesting, relaxing or whatever, when we started it or even why reason we gave up it.
We also talked about the 50 things we should have made before we were 11 3/4.
We discovered who among us have played poch sticks, gone star gazing, built a raft or a den, or skimmed a stone.
Next meeting will take place after Festivity. Hope to see you again

How to skim / Skip a Stone
Skipping a stone is a fun way to wile away the time on a camping trip or picnic. It’s something every uncle and dad should know how to teach and pass on to the kiddos. If you never learned how, here’s your tutorial.

How to perfom the perfect stone skim 
It is news to gladden the hearts of children everywhere - academics have come up with a formula for skimming stones.
... "Theoretically it is possible to reach around 50 but I admit the most I have achieved is...." Dr Peter Hicks said.
How do you skim a stone 51 times?
Russell "Rock Bottom" Byars has skimmed his way into the record books, throwing a stone that skipped an amazing 51 times. How does he do it?

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