martes, 27 de enero de 2015

À vous fourneaux !!!

Ce samedi on va à cuisiner et parler en Français tout au même temps. Ici vous pouvez consulter une liste de vocabulaire et d'expressions très utiles.On a encore deux vancants au COURS DE CUISINE EN FRANÇAIS.
On vous encourage à participer, c'est très amusant.


Mettre un produit (légume en général) dans de l'eau bouillante salée un court instant, puis le plonger dans de l'eau très froide.
Ail en chemiseSe dit des gousses, ou des têtes d'ail, qu'on utilise sans les éplucher. Sur la photo, à gauche une gousse d'ail épluchée, à droite une gousse d'ail en chemise.

Ail en chemise

Les expressions avec les fruits et les légumes
Quelle est l'expression qu'on utilise pour promettre à quelqu'un qu'on lui rendra visite en prison ou à l'hôpital ?

martes, 20 de enero de 2015


Last Saturday, it was the first day of our II English Cooking Course. We cooked: 

- Green Bean Casserole
- Spicy Cajun Chicken
- Pumpkin Bread

It took place in the Colonist's House from El Bayo (Asociación 5 Villas Multilingüe count on Aquagraria's collaboration).

All of them recommend you this activity because as the same time you have fun, you learn English! ;)

If you want to see more pictures, click here

martes, 13 de enero de 2015


Last Sunday, we were talking about food, cooking, eating out… in Cafetería Oval. We tried to improve our pronunciation and fluency. Furthermore, we learnt some expressions and verbs. For instance:

  • To cream: to mix butter and sugar
  • To cook from scratch: to make something from basic ingredients
  • A colander / a strainer: a bowl with small holes in it for draining water off vegetables, etc.
  • To strain: to put (eg a mixture) through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid
  • A piece of cake: something very easy
  • To cook the books: to record false information in the accounts of an organization

We also spoke about our favourite meals like black pudding, pizza, chocolate coulant… We realized that maybe they are our favourite because we only eat them in special moments.

We are going to learn more vocabulary in the cooking course. There are still a few spots available so don’t hesitate and join us! It starts next Saturday an it takes place in La Casa del Colono (El Bayo).


Spanish people are known for sleeping a nap every single day. However, we don't agree about that, cause only just some lucky Spanish people are able to find some free minutes to sleep.... how lucky are they!  The rest of us have to wait until weekend arrives, but... once we are on Saturday, are we sleeping our nap correctly ?
we have found some interesting articles about it.

Sleep: How to nap like a pro
The promised benefits of sleep have even persuaded a few firms to allow their employees to nap at work. Earlier this year, software company HubSpot designed a napping room in its Massachusetts office that features a hammock and dim lighting. Employees are free to book the space without limitations.
According to HubSpot’s Alison Elworthy, the policy is a huge success, especially helpful for new parents who are making up for disrupted sleep at night, or employees recovering from jetlag. “People are really excited to use it and haven’t abused the policy at all,” she says.

Regular naps are 'key to learning'
The University of Sheffield team suggested the best time to learn may be just before sleep and emphasised the importance of reading at bedtime.
Experts said sleep may be much more important in early years than at other ages.

Lack of sleep blights pupils' education

It is a particular problem in more affluent countries, with sleep experts linking it to the use of mobile phones and computers in bedrooms late at night.
Sleep deprivation is such a serious disruption that lessons have to be pitched at a lower level to accommodate sleep-starved learners, the study found.

                                                And you ? Do you nap?
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viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

Últimas Plazas

Cerrando las últimas plazas del CURSO DE COCINA EN INGLES !!!!
Daros prisa si no os queréis quedar sin la vuestra
y si lo que os va es hablar francés también podéis inscribiros al
También os podéis acercar a nuestras tertulias en idiomas, ya estamos preparando los temas de las próximas, pero si queréis saber de qué hablamos en las últimas :