martes, 13 de enero de 2015


Last Sunday, we were talking about food, cooking, eating out… in Cafetería Oval. We tried to improve our pronunciation and fluency. Furthermore, we learnt some expressions and verbs. For instance:

  • To cream: to mix butter and sugar
  • To cook from scratch: to make something from basic ingredients
  • A colander / a strainer: a bowl with small holes in it for draining water off vegetables, etc.
  • To strain: to put (eg a mixture) through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid
  • A piece of cake: something very easy
  • To cook the books: to record false information in the accounts of an organization

We also spoke about our favourite meals like black pudding, pizza, chocolate coulant… We realized that maybe they are our favourite because we only eat them in special moments.

We are going to learn more vocabulary in the cooking course. There are still a few spots available so don’t hesitate and join us! It starts next Saturday an it takes place in La Casa del Colono (El Bayo).

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