viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Study Abroad: Where To Go For A Free University Degree

you have some big decisions to make, and they’re not limited to, “Which career path should I pursue?” and “Which school is right for me?” The main one will probably be, “How much student debt am I willing to take on?”

Studying in another country is a way to avoid huge debts, increase your value to potential employers, enjoy a higher quality of life as a student, and experience a foreign culture. In an era of skyrocketing fees, this is an increasingly attractive option for those who want the education without the financial burden.
Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Austria all offer free tertiary education....

Germany:  Interest in studying abroad in Germany continues to rise, and it’s no wonder. ....

France : is also a good option. Public university fees are a mere €180, although the ivy-league equivalents, the grandes écoles, can be considerably more. If the cost of living in Paris is too high, don’t be deterred: the best four student cities are actually....

Scandinavia:   The Scandinavian nations also present terrific opportunities for study. A Bachelor’s degree in Norway will cost you nothing, even as an international student; and although the cost of living is high in the country, financial aid for living expenses is easy to come by. Swedish and Danish universities are free for European citizens — indeed, if you’re Danish, the government effectively pays you to go to university.


Le 26 Samedi , on aura une sèance de cuisine en FRANÇAIS. Si vous voulez y assitez:

Aprender idiomas con tu canción favorita

Ejercitar el oído para entender un idioma es una pieza clave de su aprendizaje. Las canciones son estupendas aliadas. 

A la vez que vemos el vídeo de la canción, aparece la letra, pero con huecos que hay que rellenar con la palabra correcta, pillada de oído. Lyricstraining ofrece un listening musical que, al final puntúa las habilidades del usuario, que puede elegir nivel antes de comenzar a jugar.
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¿Sabrías completar las palabras que faltan en la canción mientras suena la música?

Le 26 Samedi , on aura une sèance de cuisine en FRANÇAIS. Si vous voulez y assitez: